Ben Nevis Summit

Ben Nevis Summit

Long Distance Hill Walking...!

Completing “The West Highland Way” once in May of 2007 would be enough for anyone; But my good friend John; has come up with another "crazy idea" that this year, we could walk the W.H.W. Again!

If you’re not familiar with the W.H.W. It is a Long Distance Hill Walk starting in Mulgavie Glasgow, and finishes in Fort William, some 97 miles later.

Mind you, it is a walk with breathtaking views; and some serious, "Lung Busting Climbs"

But this time John and Mick thought he would make it interesting by adding on the fact that we can; climb Ben Nevis while we are in Fort William...??? Hold on; there's more!!

Then we can carry on and walkThe Great Glenn Way” from Fort William to Inverness...!!!! This totals 200 miles plus; over 10 days, and a quick trip to the top of Ben Nevis.

Well, all I can say is, John; you were spot on mate; I would not have missed my chance to climb the famous Ben Nevis.

Even though I never thought that I would? For anyone reading this blog; if you are in reasonable health, and you like a challenge; you will not be sorry...!!! On a serious note…


The Mountain Trail of Ben Nevis, {A K A, The Tourist Trail} is a full 4 to 6 hours of serious uphill walking depending on how fit you are.

Then you got 3 to 5 hours of hard downhill walking. You must not treat it like a walk in the park! Climbing Ben Nevis is a serious challenge?

You must be prepared and you must carry all the necessary kit that you will need for the day...???

Like Food and Water,

At least 4Ltrs. Safety Equipment, Cold Weather Gear, Spare Boots, First Aid Kit, Whistle, Torch, Compass, and Wet Weather outfit, and a Survival Bag.

So as you can tell by this list... this challenge is definitely not to be taken lightly...

Now; having said all that; you will absolutely love it when you reach the top. There is no other feeling in the world to compare to it;

The sense of achievement is overwhelming, coupled with the feeling of elation. "You Can't Beat It" And you will NEVER” forget it!

Some More Amazing Pic's For Ya...!!!

I am not quite sure why this pile of stones was started here? 

Although I can understand people getting rather excited at the thought that they have reached the top, before they actually do... I imagine it is a very commom mistake.

Mind you when you do get to the top you deffinately know it; believe me there is NO MISTAKE...!!!

I look really cold here don't I... as I said it is below freezing up here, having said that there are still people climbing this mountain wareing just, T Shirts, Trainers, and Joggers...???

It's sad really because as soon as they reach the top they get so cold so quick, they just turn round and head back down again.

What a shame, and what a waiste of all that effort to get there in the first place.
We walked with this family on the left several times, at different intervals on our treck up the mountain.

It never fails to amaze me; the grit, courrage and determination of ordinary people who do extra ordinary things, so that the less fortunate can benefit from there efforts. {Respect}

Check out the chopper in the background. And where would we be without people like them...?
In the picture on the right, you can see the state of the path that awaits you!

This is part is just one of the best bits of a pathway that is ever changing and never flat.

As I have said many times this climb up Ben Nevis is Not to be taken lightly..  This is a serious walk that needs serious attention to detail.

If you treat it as a walk in the park, you will be sorry!

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Wow, amazing photos, looks a lovely place.

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